Best Package

1 Skittle, 2 Trail Mix, 3 twix, 1Pringel Sour Cream, 1 KitKat,

3 Mtn Dew

     OUR PRICE $22.99

OREO   Care Package


Farewell Care Package

Enjoy our NEW Care Packege  for take of to the airport  . Includies Welcome to MTC airplane with banner,pretzels, bars, chocolate, juice,sour candys .


Welcome to MTC

Enjoy our NEW Care Packege  for  First Week Missionary in MTC. Includies Welcome to MTC  banner, candys, chocolate, and cookies.


Welcome to P-Day!

A selection of products to enjoy on their P-Day, it's even big enough to share with their companion.

Remind them of the sweetness of home with this delicious assortment of American chocolates.

Peanut Care

For all those peanut lovers out there, let them indulge! After all peanut butter is hard to come by in Mexico.

Personal Kit Care

For those essential items your missionary may be missing. Feel free to request specific items to personalize this package.

The Greenie 

Make them feel welcome and inspire them to get off to a great start with this fun "Greenie" package

Sugar Free Care Packge

An excellent health conscious option that will still put a smile on your missionarie face.

Fiesta Nacho

Go Mexican with this yummy combo of chips, salsa and caffeine free sodas.